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Animation study one
A short animation study I did. Just the good old "step on a rake" and "smash in the face" animation. Enjoy and leave a comment.

Finally Trafikverket has uploaded the film about Bango onto YouTube.
As lead 3d I was responsible for, and executed modeling, texturing, rigging, skinning, lip-syncing, facial animation, on-set-TD, lighting, animation (the scene where it's raining towards the end at 11:56) and finally rendering. A huge project with lots of fun memories.
Compositing by Hugo Guerra, photo by Ulf Aneer, directed by Daniel Jonsson.
UPDATE 2017: I'm afraid it has been taken down, but I leave this broken link here in case it turns up somewhere again.
UPDATE 2018-03-07: I found it up on DailyMotion, it is of quite low quality, but viewable.

A huge leap forward in creating environmental friendly vehicles. The Swedish company ElectroEngine creates a new revolutionary system. Our task was to explain how this system works and what makes it great. My part in the production: storyboarding, idea development, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering.
Directed by David Stavenow, motion graphics and comp by Daniel Jonsson.

A very large production for the MSD group. In this film I did the storyboarding, assistant script writing, modelling, texturing, lighting, assistant on-set-TD, animation and rendering
Directed by Josef Eliasson, comp by Hugo Guerra.